UICA’s Educational Philosophy

Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy
In 1956 educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom developed a classification of levels of intellectual behavior important in learning. Bloom’s taxonomy was revised by his student, cognitive psychologist Lorin Anderson, in 2001, notably changing each classification from nouns to verbs and placing the act of creating at the top of the classification model. UICA’s education staff teaches to the updated taxonomy to ensure active thinking and creating by students while on a docent-led tour of our exhibitions and participating in one of our developmentally appropriate hands-on studio experiences.

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Inquiry-based Learning
All UICA education programming utilizes inquiry-based learning strategies in order to create an environment of understanding necessary to engage deeper learning. This approach follows the process of questioning, planning, investigating, recording and reflecting.

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Visual Thinking Strategies
An important aspect of learning about contemporary art and culture is engaging students’ innate curiosity and building on their higher-order thinking skills. UICA’s education programming utilizes the five stages of looking and learning within visual thinking strategies: accountive, constructive, classifying, interpreting and re-creating.

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